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      Success in business Contribute to society

          Hubei Chengfeng Industrial Group Pty.Ltd. is a composite enterprise which is registered at Hubei Trade and Industry Bureau. With the operating fund of 100 million RMB,Chengfeng Group has grown in the field of rubber magnetic powder production, business trade, education and logistics express. By using the strategy of ¡°Focusing on domestic and overseas extension¡±, Chengfeng Group continues to strengthen cooperation with foreign investors and has achieved excellent market reputation and economic benefit.

          The company is located in the Economic Development Zone which is at the south of ancient city of Jingzhou ---- a city which is famous for its history and culture. Jingzhou sits in the north shore of middle reaches of Yangtze River and the port is the most important one along the Yangtze River especially for transport of magnet powder due to the fact that all major manufacture bases for raw material are along the Yangtze River, so it is very convenient to transport the product by river. Apart from that, Jingzhou sits in the hinge of traffic network across middle and southern part of China with Yangtze River Bridge joint northern and southern together, which means the roads and railways network are also well developed and easy to access.

          As a part of Chengfeng Group ,Hubei Chengfeng Private School was established in 1997 and located at the most beautiful place in Jingzhou city . Campus covers an area of 43 acre, construction area of about 53,000 square meters. Complete modern teaching equipment and living facilities as well as multi-media network-aided teaching systems engineering make it enter the ranks of the advanced school. The school implements school governance experts, teachers to teach, full implementation of quality education, and effectively improves the quality of teaching and learning . Thousands of students have been admitted by the famous universities such as Beijing University, Tsinghua University. The research topic of "the harmonious development of tiered balances" included by UNESCO provincial scientific research projects was affirmed by experts.

          Chengfeng Magnetic company, the largest taxpayer for five consecutive years in Jingzhou, faced with the market opportunities brought out by the rapid development of industry, is the country¡¯s largest production base of rubber plastic power. We mainly produce ferromagnetic oxide powder and permanent magnet with the annual production of 60000 tons . These products are widely used in the defense industry, aerospace technology, communications equipment, electronic technology, household appliances, automobiles, toys, stationery and other industries. The quality of our products excelled the industry standard and are praised by customers all over the world.

          Companies rely on the logistics industry development trend of high-potential, use of the existing regional transportation and integrate industrial advantage, and gradually form a Jingzhou city center to share resources of the National Logistics National Logistics-based marketing network.. The company has 108 delivery vehicles units, logistics and distribution staff of 300 people full-time professional to provide daily necessities, such as cigarette distribution service outlets throughout the Jingzhou area businesses and 25,000 trade companies.

          Logistics industry company relys on the characteristics of high-demand, hight-potential and high development, makes use of existing transport and integrates indusrtial advantages and has formed a center in Jingzhou city,sharing the national logistics marketing network based on the national logistics resources. In the county, city and district branches, equipped with specialized vehicles, professional, professional to provide daily necessities, such as cigarette distribution services, network throughout the urban area of Jingzhou County 25000 village businesses.

          The company usually citing ¡°assemble outstanding people ,face the future¡± as the banner, and regarding ¡°success in business ,repay the society ¡± as its purpose ,will always integrate every development, every aspect of the social achievements into society unswervingly ,and repay the society accordingly.